Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gadget Goodies 17 -- The Maelstrom

If you watched the Google+ online presentation, last Wednesday, much of it was about the photographic tools that are now available.  Some are online, some are via app.  We'll discuss that and share our experiences.

While we're dealing with the Google+ photo experience, there's a related topic that will lead into it.  There have been some negative reviews of the camera on the latest Nexus 7.  We'll discuss that a bit.  But the picture to the left was taken with the Nexus 7.  More to come.

Last week, we announced a change to the blogs.  That announcement was in a post on the other blog. However, this is the place where we discuss our techie topics.  We wanted to go into more detail in our discussion.  We felt there was a need to explain the change and our experiences with it.  Since some of you are fellow bloggers, we thought that sharing our experiences might be instructive and helpful.  So, let's get rolling, beginning with our blog commenting system.