Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gadget Goodies 8.5

We don't normally do Gadget Goodies posts twice in one week, but the impending disappearance of the Google Reader service, come Monday, makes any updates important .

Again, here's the link at Lifehacker with the info on how to export the Google Reader data to your device: .  That needs to be be done today or tomorrow.  Even if you've switched to something that automatically  imports it, you're wise to grab your own copy for future use, if needed.

Of the alternatives, Feedly seems to me and to the folks at Lifehacker as being the most robust option.  And, in fact, grabbing their reader app, I merely input a bit of info and Feedly imported my feeds.  An easy "no brainer".

 I mentioned Reader+ (had been known as Reader HD) as my favorite, but it hadn't updated to an alternative source.  The latest update will connect to Feedly or Ridly, with access to "The Old Reader" as a source coming soon.  Logging into Feedly, my feeds imported using my Google account.  There's a little setup involved.  And, no matter what reader you use, your already read markers are lost till you reset them in Feedly.  But it's an easy process.

So, download your feed sources, go to your updated source and reader, and you'll be good to go.  Before the less prepared go insane, come Monday. <grin>

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