Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gadget Goodies 8

As we’ve mentioned on our other blog, our church is having it’s annual international convention this week.  That, unofficially, kind of started last week with the early arrival of some of our missionaries and international pastors.  And some will stay a week or two after the conference.  So, I intend to be busy and have fun.

Despite that, the Google Reader service is going dark on July 1.  If you have email feeds from either of our blogs, we’re still trying to figure out how to deal with that.  The only reasonably priced service, so far, costs money.  Which is OK, except that, even with the clickable ads, we’re not making anything to pay for it.  We’ll see what happens.

For those who read our blog via RSS or Atom feed, I have several good possibilities.  Which you prefer depends on how you like your feeds.

On the heavily graphic end is Pulse, owned by the people at LinkedIn.  The UI is akin to the FlipBoard experience.  It’s that graphic oriented.  A more magazine-like experience.  There are iOS, Android and web UI versions.  And it’s free.

Feedly is also free.  This has emerged as probably the choice.  There are a number of configuration options for the app that give the user more of an opportunity to set Feedly up as close as possible to how they prefer for reading feeds.  Feedly already has its own backend in place, so setting it up and importing the Google reader feed list, now, will have a seamless experience in switching over on July 1.  Feedly is already using its own cloud to  carry the feeds.  There are iOS and Android apps, “apps” for Safaris, Chrome, and Firefox browsers, and a web UI for everyone else.

My present favorite Android reader is one called Reader HD.  It’s free, is very close to Google Reader in style.  But it’s better with graphics and readable fonts.  And it only takes a tap on the headline to get the full version.  They are, however, still scrambling to find a feed to switch to, with no announced selected alternative feed locked in, yet.

Those are ones I've used.  There's a popular Android reader called Press that has switched to a Feedly feed.  As well, Lifehacker has some other suggestions and info on making sure you have your feed data before July 1, when you won't be able to get it any longer.  All that can be found here: .

For those with email feeds from the blog.  I’ll suggest that, for now, you try one of the suggested readers.  As I’ve mentioned, we’re still figuring out an alternative for the email feeds.  And that may not be in place by July 1.

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