Monday, June 18, 2012

So, This Is My Future?

As some of you know all too well, besides being a Christian in ministry, I'm also a geek and have a way of looking at things from a unique angle.  This time, Apple and the iPhone got my attention, through a series of commercials.

The commercials feature an older character actor playing what might be surmised to be an elder in an Italian family.  That's reinforced by the fact that the actor is shown in a sparsely furnished sitting room, I guess supposedly emphasizing that it's the quality of the furnishings, not the quantity, that is important. And the actor does an excellent job of making his character very real.  But I wonder if anyone besides me has noticed some other things.

First, we see the character dressed in the exact same clothing in all the commercials, presumably different events.  Are they telling us that someone who can afford an iPhone can't afford more than one shirt, one tie and one suit?

Second, the suit is grey corduroy.  Anyone who's been around can tell you that corduroy has rarely been "in" and only for brief periods.  It just does not exude the image of wealth that the commercials seem to be striving for.

Third, we see the actor sitting around in the middle if the day in his shirt, tie, and suit.  But with no socks and wearing bedroom slippers.  Are we to believe this isn't some gentler form of institutionalization and he's never getting out?

In one commercial, he asks what his schedule is for the evening. There's nothing scheduled.  He then asks where he can get linguica.  Again, are we to believe this isn't some gentler form of institutionalization and he's never getting out for his linguica?

On another occasion, he asks Siri about life.  And praises the mechanical voice for an enlightening conversation.  Heightening the idea that anyone talking to their phone might better be kept out of normal society.  Add to that the request for a joke, which Siri tells badly and incompletely.  The gentleman laughs heartily. Which might not be so bad.  Except I get the sense he's heard the same joke multiple times and reacted the same way every time.  Another vote for institutionalization.

So, from the great wisdom of Apple's marketing team can we come to a few conclusions?  If you use an iPhone long enough:

  1. you become a candidate for institutionalization,
  2. you start to have conversations with your phone and never notice that no one else is there,
  3. you may get to dress up, but never notice that it does no good,
  4. you may get to dress up, but have a limited wardrobe
  5. you never figure out that not only is the evening free, but so is the rest of your evenings,
  6. you're probably enjoying all that because you don't know any better, anyway.
Just sayin'.


  1. Now that I am hooked up with your blog just think of all the really neat stuff I can reveal about "A Guy Named Bill"

  2. I bet I know who Silver Fox is! ;-)