Sunday, September 4, 2011

To List or Not to List....

Google+ can seem intimidating and barren if you're new there.  As a result, G+ came up with a list of suggested people to connect with in various categories.  There's been a lot of discussion about whether or not a list is good or not.  And whether people placed in multiple categories is wise.  Here are some thoughts I posted there on the subject.  They pretty well fit, whether you're trying to add connections on G+, Facebook or Twitter. --

Does the word serendipity mean anything to you? <grin>

There's been a lot of discussion about the recommended follow lists. I think we can all agree they can help the nontechie newbie slide into G+ without feeling like nothing is going on here. I do have a couple of issues with the lists:

1) It almost feels like Google is in G+ self promotion by populating the lists with "names", sometimes multiple times, just so you don't miss them.

2) There's a sense that some "names" are getting promoted by Google by being listed multiple times.

If you're going to publish or use a list, I'd much rather see entries only once, the previous duplications filled by other interesting people. Having said that, here's my list:


Got all those? <VBG> That's my point. I don't use lists. If I'm in someone's circle, my circles are viewable. I really like the idea of plundering and pillaging other people's circles. I started with friends and people I follow elsewhere. Then I added people who comment & contribute there, who are connected with my circle population there. Which led me to some more circles to pillage. The result is that I have circles filled with the known and the unknown. But all with something to contribute to my blessing and growth. Some are Christians, some not. Some are interesting thinkers, others are artists and photographers I've learned to enjoy. Most are undiscovered gems. At least for now. Which, for the moment, makes them my own personal hidden treasures.

I see nothing wrong with adding a bunch of people to my circles and, if they don't "work", removing them again. I take G+ as a place where we benefit each other in some way. If I don't benefit someone enough to remain in their circles, that's OK. There are others that I do benefit and bless.

So, go pillage someone's circles today! You just might find a new personal gem.

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