Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well,…This Is The Place

Some of you are familiar with my other blog, Bill's Spiritual Musings.  I’ve been having a truly awesome time hearing from God and sharing it online.  But here’s the thing.  There have been times when I wanted to talk about techie stuff separate from how it helps ministry, or about blogging., or the latest news, or politics.  Or just celebrating someone doing things “just right”.  So…this is the place.

This one’s going to be brief.  One of the people I follow on Twitter asked about blogging burnout.  Here, basically, is my response.

When I started the blog, I had no idea of professionalism and consistency.  And it showed.  There was a point when I thought I had writer's block and just couldn't come up with anything for the blog.  For a year and a half! 

At some point,  it dawned on me that I really did want to do this.  So, I made myself start again.  But this time, I made myself produce content 2-4 times a week instead of once a week or longer.  But I've still had multiple times when I felt like I didn't have another post in me.  Usually another 24 hours would fix that.  But I noticed that a lot of times, it wasn't that I didn't have something to write about.  But, instead, that what I had to write about didn't fit the theme of the blog.  So, what was I to do about those ideas that really didn’t fit the thrust of the blog?

I'm glad I decided to re-theme the blog.  Because I really had no clue how to do that and make sure that I didn’t make the blog unusable.  I’d never done any xml programming and hadn’t done any design on Blogger.  So, the one thought I had was to create a new one, just for trial and error template installation.  As it turns out, the free template set I was using worked like a charm.  So, I now have a second blog, courtesy of needing somewhere to test the template installation.  But what will that do for writer’s block?  Now I have two sites to write for.

Well, the new one is going to be a catchall.  All the things that don’t fit in the original blog now have a home.  I'm thinking it will help because of several reasons.

  1. It gives the "wrong" content an outlet.
  2. I'm still writing.
With the non-Biblical content no longer occupying my thinking and blocking any content that fits the nature of my main blog, I’m looking forward to a steady flow of things that will interest others.  And just the exercise of continually writing should help with the flow of content.  No matter what the idea, it now has a place.

So, how do you deal with writer’s block and burnout?

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